Our homelifts are a cost-efficient alternative to expensive elevators, i.e. for retrofitting an apartment, a school, or business property for compliance with accessibility regulations. The lifts offered are ideal even for small rooms, given that they use the available space efficiently while still meeting all the necessary legal requirements. This way you can install new lifts in existing buildings or replace old equipment – even at reduced shaft height. Together we will find a solution which fits the possibilities at your property.


The entire process of purchasing a homelift is explained here.

Homelift for private residences

A Robust Lift

Every model offers you and your guests the absolute best comfort possible. Low noise levels, smooth movement and a robust design. The installation can take place on the building's outside walls or inside by either breaking through the floor or building the lift inside the wellhole.

Accessible homelift


Together with our partners we can offer you a lift that will meet all your requirements. All features can be adapted to your personal taste and preferences. Colours, light fixtures, flooring material and other accessories are available in numerous varieties.

The installation of a homelift is fast and we will accompany you the entire time. Starting with the initial assessment, to the conception and purchase, right through the installation and maintenance.